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“What a joy to work with a web designer who listens and responds to your suggestions, gives you different options to consider, works to deadline and within budget, with an attitude that nothing is too much trouble. Thank you so much for your creativity and expertise. Our business has boomed as a result of having a well set up, exciting, interactive site. We are so grateful to you. And thanks also for the after sales help, little tweaks here and there and tutorial style emails to help us learn how to get the most from our site.”
Isabel Paterson, Animato.

If you need a web presence I can design you a site that will work for you. This site is built using WordPress (downloadable at and I am a trainer in WordPress development. This cms / blogging software is very flexible, allowing for a diversity of sites to be built and maintained. I choose mainly to work with it due its flexibility, regular updates, and the end-result is a site that is easily maintained / updated by the owner.

Design you a web site

Develop a site to your specifications

Web sites are personal. They need to be designed to look and function right. On both fronts we would work together so that it is your site.

How much would that cost?

The cost, of course, would depend on what you wanted, but I have designed fully working sites for as little as €400,00. Assuming you know what you want the site to look like, have a logo that can be used, want 5-6 pages of information, a news / blog page, a contact form and maybe one other special function, a total cost of around € 700,00 would be an approximate guideline.

Once the site is developed and working, I also offer an hour lesson on how to maintain the site together with a set of printed notes. You will be able to maintain the site yourself, and should you choose I can also teach you the basics of changing the appearance of the site.

So if you are ready to consider this as an option that will work for you use the Contact form. Let’s talk!!